Jungle Gorilla Online Slot Rating and reviews

As was said before, Jungle Gorilla is a video slot pg slot game that can be played online. This game transports you to the jungle, where you will be surrounded by living creatures, moving butterflies, and falling ivy leaves. The software designer did an excellent job of making the slot machine seem aesthetically appealing and giving it a soundtrack that recreates the sounds of the rainforest.

When it comes to the actual gameplay, it is centered on one particular component that is really necessary. If you play Jungle Gorilla for real money, it has the potential to provide you winnings of up to 2,800 times your initial wager thanks to the presence of a Scatter symbol, a Wild symbol, and rising multipliers. In spite of the fact that there is a clear absence of free spins over the course of the game, you won’t notice any change in terms of the slot’s potential payouts due to the fact that the game is already quite profitable.

How Do I Play the Online Slot Machine, Jungle Gorilla?

As is the case with the vast majority of slots produced by Pragmatic Play, getting started with Jungle Gorilla is rather simple and uncomplicated. You will note that it contains the fundamental configuration settings that are present in all other games the moment that you launch the game on any desktop computer or mobile device that is powered by the Android or iOS operating system.

The reels are positioned in the middle of the screen, and there is a display that is see-through located just below them. You may access the system settings using the symbol that looks like three horizontal bars and is located on the far left. Just below it, you’ll find the symbol for the speaker, which is where you can make adjustments to the game’s sound. Next to them both, you will find a button labeled “i.” If you click on it, you will be sent to a page where you can learn more about the game’s regulations and the rewards. You will see that the gorilla is the symbol that offers the biggest payoff, which is equal to 45 times your original bet. After that comes the Tiger, the Elephant, the Parrot, and finally the Lizard, each of which delivers a payoff that ranges from 35 times to 20 times the initial wager. The lowest earning symbols are the playing card Royals, which range from A through J and may pay out anywhere from 17.5x to 10x the initial bet for a winning combination. However, the Wild is the symbol that awards the most payouts, and a combination of five Wilds will earn you 125 times your original bet.

You may change the amount you wager by clicking the Spin button, which is located below the reels on the right side of the screen. Each side of the button has a minus sign and a plus sign on it. At the most best online casinos, you have the option of playing anywhere from one to ten coins, each of which may have a value ranging from one cent to fifty dollars. This means that your total stake can be anywhere from twenty cents to one hundred credits. You’ll find an Autoplay button just below the Spin button, which allows you to set up to one hundred autospins at a time.

Highlights & Benefits of the Jungle Gorilla

Jungle Gorilla is a game that may provide a payoff that is 2,800 times the amount staked even without the Free Spins bonus game, which is despite the fact that Free Spins is one of the most thrilling bonus games that can be found in slot machines. If you are interested in free spins and bonus rounds, you might check out Street Racer from the same source. This game has enough of both kinds of features.

When playing the main game, you will have an advantage due to the presence of the Wild symbol. This Wild may be used in place of any sign other than the Scatter to complete winning combinations. It may build winning combinations on its own, earning you 125 times your bet for the best possible combination, and it appears on every reel in the game.

You should now be able to see a multiplier value of one times above each reel. When the Scatter symbol makes an appearance on a reel, the Multiplier for that reel will rise by one each time it happens. It is possible for it to rise by a maximum of five times. When the Wild contributes to a win that occurred on that reel, the Multiplier associated with that win is applied to the Wild. After then, the sum of any Wild winning combination is multiplied by the product of all Multipliers that are now active on the reels. Should you decide to alter the wager, the Multiplier will be reset to its initial value of one times. In addition to that, it will be reset when the winner has been determined.

Win Potential, Return to Player Percentage, and Volatility of the Jungle Gorilla

The slot machine has a maximum win per line of 500 times the player’s bet, but the greatest possible payoff for the game as a whole, which has been cited more than once, is 2,800 times the player’s wager. If you play the game with the maximum amount of 100 credits, this indicates that you have the opportunity to win more than a respectable payoff of 280 thousand credits.

Playing Jungle Gorilla for real money seems like a good option when one considers the game’s average level of volatility as well as its phenomenal return to player percentage of 96.57 percent. If you hit the proper combinations when the appropriate Multiplier is present on the reels, then the slot may produce incredible payouts and winnings like 250 times the stake out of nowhere, so it is certainly something you should try at least once.

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